UHD Student Mentors Needed

Sat, 08/08/2020 - 16:06

The University of Houston Downtown Insurance and Risk Management Center is proud to announce its Mentorship Program to IRM majors. Mentors are an important part of personal and professional development. They are guides through times when students need an industry professional who can provide advice and resources and point them in the right direction. Good mentors are enthusiastic people and enjoy the role they play in helping others achieve their goals.

A mentor is a professional with sufficient experience and business skills to help students with their career paths hone their abilities and advise them on navigating the process of securing a career position. A mentor can be an incredible influence to a new industry professional in a broad range of scenarios, whether they provide pointers on how to improve a resume, navigate position applications with agencies and companies, negotiate job offers, assist with networking efforts, enhance leadership skills, provide contacts in the industry, or act as advocates. If you are looking for ways to meet new entrants into the insurance field or those already working in the industry and you feel you can contribute to their career success and possibly build a lifelong relationship, please contact Priscilla Oehlert, Director, Insurance and Risk Management Center at 713-226-5552 or oehlertp@uhd.edu.

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